Gregory A. Crockett

I was born and raised in Michigan. That does not mean anything, I just was. I should have known I would end up in the building industry when I was in kindergarten. One morning while walking to school I stopped to watch the excavation of a very large hole in the ground for the new hospital that was being built across our street. I stood there for a very long time. I realized I would be very late for school so I stood there some more. I ended up getting in a bit of trouble.

After high school I went to college but money was an issue so I struck out into the world to see what I wanted to be when I grew up. After a lot of travel, some stints in several trades it hit me. I want to be an architect. I took advantage of an intern opportunity and moved to northern Michigan just outside of Traverse City. It was here I first became enamored with energy self sufficiency. One spring I took up residency on an 80 acre farm with no electricity. I ended up living there for two years. It was amazing how comfortable I made myself with a little sun and wind, a wood stove, and a bottle of propane. I moved back downstate to attend architecture school. Towards the end of my tenure there I got very mad at my school, pulled up stakes and moved to Boston in 1985. It was my intention to finish up my degree here but as so often happens life got in the way. I spent the next 18 years working for architectural firms doing construction administration, document review, code research, and building forensics which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My experience encompassed public housing, high rise buildings, zoos, public and private schools, bio tech labs, office buildings, and high end residential. I also did some small design commissions on the side. In 2003 I left my last firm to go out on my own. I have been most fortunate to have had a steady stream of work, mostly residential, for the last ten years. My wife and I are now embarking on the next chapter of our lives, a new home which we hope will produce as much energy as it consumes. I view what I do as primarily problem solving. When I am able to bring to bear creativity, my knowledge and skill, and the fantastic resources I have garnered over the years to my clients design issues with a holistic solution that puts a smile on their faces, I know I have done my job.

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