7 Tuck’s Point Road

I’ll admit it, I was a Whole Earth Catalog baby. Ever since I lived on an off the grid old farm for two years in northern Michigan I have been enamored with renewable energy. My wife and I have embarked on the fulfillment of that dream, to construct a NetZero home, a home which creates as much energy as it uses. This blog is intended to share the experience of the trials and tribulations, and hopefully the realization of that dream. First we had to remove the 1950’s ranch house on the lot. We were fortunate enough to find just the right guy to deconstruct the existing house, David Giese of Piece by Piece Deconstruction. http://www.piecebypiecedecon.com/  We were able to sell and donate most of the fixtures, windows, and doors. All the plaster, shingles, metal, and wood were recycled.We have saved all the framing lumber to re-use in the new house. I shall attempt to update the progress as often as warranted.